My body actually works again

I officially finished my 21-day Holistic Detox on Monday evening. Did I tell you I was challenging myself to a three-week cleanse? If you don’t follow my Twitter feed then I’m sure this is the first you’ve heard of it.

Well, in an all-natural nutshell, I eliminated all red meat, sugar, dairy, wheat, caffeine, fruit and some vegetables from my diet for 21 days. I basically existed on chicken, hummus, organic brown rice, hummus, bananas (the one fruit I was allowed), soy milk, green beans, hummus, spinach, and did I mention hummus?

It wasn’t easy at first. I truly thought I was addicted to diet coke and imagined that would be the most trying part of the whole process for me. I’m happy to say I’m now diet coke free and have no desires to hit the can again.

The cleanse promised to wash my vital organs, clear my head, brighten my skin and put a hop in my step - it delivered on all accounts. I slept better, smiled more, peed a lot, and generally felt like a healthy, happy human again. No longer was I dragging my feet from bed to work to the car and back to bed again. The long winter here had me feeling sluggish - like a hibernating bear who forgot to wake up.

Now the days are getting longer, so I actually felt motivated to go for long walks or runs after work - UNHEARD OF before the cleanse.

Today was my first official day after the cleanse. I had a sandwich. I consumed caffeine. I even had a cheeky piece of chocolate. I FEEL TERRIBLE. Tomorrow I will resume a cleanse-like diet, but will reintroduce some of the foods I eliminated but require in order to remain sane (cucumbers, for example - ever heard of the deadly nightshade family? Look it up).

This process has introduced me to a whole new way at looking at food. Food is fuel and my body is a (lovely and girly) machine that requires love (that is not produced in a can). So away I go! I can’t wait for Summer to arrive now. I know it will be an excellent season with a bouncier and lighter me.

My rowing and yoga sessions kick off in a few weeks too. Stay tuned for those details.

If you are interested in learning more about my cleanse, look up Dr. Joshi’s Holistic Detox. Here is a link to his fascinating website:

Good luck my lovelies! Let me know how it works out for you x

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