It is March 3 and I have fallen out of love with Winter.

I used to find the shiny iced bare branches, snowflaked sidewalks and sweaty palmed mittens rather charming. That was in November. But today, entering this fifth month of Winter, I officially surrender.

Today I am also welcoming a fresh cold (sniffles, sinus pain, sneezing - the works!), I found a hole in my parka jacket, I slipped down the driveway nearly breaking an ankle, and my skin has become so dry and rough I doubt I even classify as human any more. Reptile would be more apt.

So as I lay here in my bed, wool socks securely strapped on my frost bitten toes, staring at my Valentine roses which have withered away (but whom I can’t bare to part with), I am declaring enough! C’mon Mutha Nature! Shine your sunny sun sunshine down on my translucent skin. Help grease up the wheels on my bicycle. Show me that cheeky bikini! I AM READY FOR YOU.

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