Cuckoo for Coco - Chanel film debuts

The new Chanel movie Coco avant Chanel is making waves across the pond. My palms are sweating in anticipation.

The film premiered earlier this month in Paris with star Audrey Tautou looking every bit the part. The adorable actress took a cue from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld (who also has held the reigns behind the iconic Chanel brand for the past 25 years and oversaw costume designs throughout filming).

I must tout Tautou’s premiere look. 

The stunning actress arrived in Lagerfeld’s gorgeous black and white floral dress from his Spring couture collection and teamed it with an edgy, cropped and tightly fitting leather jacket. She finished the look off with Rossi gladiator heels and an emerald cocktail ring. J’adore.

Black and white is quickly becoming my uniform.

Her simple make-up and perfectly polished cropped hair was synonymous with the Chanel look, while still looking effortless. The director was right on the double-C button for this casting choice.

The role of Ms. Chanel was originally rumoured to be going to the likes of British actress Keira Knightley. Even though Knightley has starred in several Chanel perfume ads, I still think Tautou was the better and right choice (I’ve heard rumours Tautou will be the next to star in those ads, taking over from Nicole Kidman).

It’s true the brand has gained a reputation of being rather stuffy over the years. When I used to think of Chanel I pictured much (MUCH) older ladies in pale pink tailored suits. Coffins are not a cool accessory.

But, I feel this film will help bring relevance and mainstream popularity back to the fantastic label.

Who doesn’t feel like the epitome of a sophisticated woman while wearing Chanel? Now the brand can be introduced to a whole new (but still extremely wealthy) generation. 

I hope there isn’t a backlash when this film opens in North America. With the deep recession, many people are shying away from anything extravagant… hiding their DvF shopping bags and carrying their Jimmy Choo’s in target bags, for example.

Maybe this is just a film, but I’ve heard rumours even the Sex and the City sequel will tame the label flashing in true recessionary respect (*shock* horror*)

But the story of Coco is a true rags to riches tale and is sure to warm the hearts of every recessionista/fashionista this side of the hemisphere. 

A North American release date has yet to be confirmed but I will keep all you lovelies posted.




4 Responses to “Cuckoo for Coco - Chanel film debuts”

  1. Chanel is doing something most brands can’t - to be able to travel across generations without losing status. It’s still everything it ever was - timeless, sophisticated and elegant, and it hasn’t dumbed down for a younger audience.

    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Givenchy. Sponsoring the new 90210 isn’t really very sexy is it? I don’t want to wear the same perfume as a teenager.

    Very impressed with Chanel, love Audrey Tatou (and she looks fab in this outfit!), can’t wait for the film!

  2. Ah, 90210 the new generation. I once tried to watch an episode while on a flight from London to Toronto, and only then was it because I had already watched all the 30 Rock episodes.

    I fell asleep and woke up to the flight attendant yelling at me to sit upright.
    Not even Givenchy could save me from that coma.

    Audrey is gorgeous. Confession: I cut my hair like hers about three years ago. Except instead of looking pixie chic, I looked more like Angela Lansbury.

    It was NOT cool. I’m still not over that mistake.

  3. Angela Lansbury is good looking she was always so turned out on murder she wrote.

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